2017 Big Events Schedule and Class Updates

This post is intended to be a brief summary of all our 2017 big events and series races consolidated into one post. Each event will get its own post/page as time gets nearer to each events date with specific details for each event.

Practice will continue to be on Friday nights at 6PM to 11:30PM. We will also be filling in the 2017 Calendar with club races very soon.

NOTICE: This post may be updated throughout the year so keep an eye on it.

Classes Structure For 2017


At MRCR, we will only offer 2wd Novice.

We will continue the implementation of a “bump out” rule. Starting January 1st, 2016 if a Novice driver wins first place 3 times (Consecutive and/or Non-consecutive) they will be bumped out of Novice and into their respective vehicle class. This rule is exempt from any series race however, but if a Novice driver wins a series race, that driver will automatically bump out of Novice.

Big Event Schedule summary

As stated above in the opening paragraph, this is a brief summary of the up coming events. All events will get their own dedicated post/page as we get closer to these dates and more info is available. View the Events page to see their dedicated page listings. This list doesn’t represent our club race program. Those dates will be filled in on our Calendar Here.

  • RC Nights 2017 Points Series – Saturday nights, gates open at 3PM, racing at 5PM. 6 rounds with 2 throwouts. +1 point for TQ. Double points final round. Awards for 1st – 5th place and kids 1st-10th. Fees: 1st class $20/ each additional $10/ Novice $15.
    • Round 1 – June 3rd
    • Round 2 – June 17th
    • Round 3 – July 1st
    • Round 4 – July 15th
    • Round 5 – July 29th
    • Round 6 – August 5th- Double Points!
  • 2017 Slash Championships – Saturday July 22 – gates open at 3PM and racing at 5PM. Awards for 1st-3rd in Slash Novice, Box Stock Slash, Spec Slash, 2wd open Slash and 4wd Slash.We will also have 3 fun event races with awards for the winners. 3 rounds of qualifying with single A-mains and bumps from lower mains. Raffle prizes will include a rtr slash kit, batteries and slash upgrades! Fees: 1st class $20 / each additional $10 / Novice $15.
  • 2017 Widowmaker Points Series – Saturday nights, gates open at 3PM, racing at 5PM. 4 rounds, one throw out, double points final round. +1 point for TQ. Awards for 1st – 3rd in all classes.
    • Round 1 – August 12th
    • Round 2 – August 26th
    • Round 3 – September 9th
    • Round 4 – September 23rd – Double Points!
  • 2017 Motown Showdown – Saturday October 14th – Gates open at 7am, racing at 10am. Awards for 1st-3rd and TQ in all classes. 3 rounds of quals, single A-mains with bumps from lower mains. Fees: $30/$20/$10 and $25 for novice.
  • Hotdog Classic 2017. October 28th, 2017 (Saturday) – Gates open at 9AM, racing at 11AM. Free hotdogs and soda. Awards for 1st – 3rd all classes. 3 rounds of quals, single A-mains with bumps from lower mains. Fees: 1st class $20 / each additional $10 / Novice $15.
  • Cans for a Cause 2017 – November 4th gates open at 9AM, racing at 11AM. Our yearly benefit race to help feed the hungry locally. Bring in a can get $1 off your race entry. Bring in 5 cans get $5 off….. bring in enough race for free! Fees: 1st class $15 / 2nd class $10/ each additional $5 / Novice $10.



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