2015 Big Events schedule and new club race/practice format summary

Posted January 6th 2015 This post is intended to be a summary of all the changes to expect for the coming 2015 racing year at MRCR as well as a brief schedule of big events we have planed with... Read more

Sunday 8-23-15 club race results.

Lite turnout today of 20 entries but a huge amount of fun. Lots of new racers showed up on this day, some from the previous nights Fun Run. We enjoy seeing the new racers step up to race with... Read more

RC Nights round 7 results and points

It was another great night of racing. Temps were a little higher then the last few races and the humidity was also up. But this humidity made for some really great track conditions once the sun went down. We... Read more

Sunday August 9th club race results.

Wow what great weather on this Sunday in August, not too hot at all. 27 entries and lots of fun and good laughs all day. A giant thanks to everyone that made it out today to race with us... Read more

Widowmaker 2015

Modesto RC Raceway presents the 2015 Widowmaker Series Dates & Times September 12,19,26 Gates open 3PM  Racing at 5PM Format A three week back to back series, Plaques though 5th place. Double points for final round. Zero throw outs.... Read more

RC Nights round 6 results and points.

Another awesome night of racing at MRCR for round 6 of RC Nights 2015. By the end of the night we ended with a total of 71 entries. Lots of close battles in the stock closes all night long.... Read more

RC Nights round 5 results and points.

What an awesome night, weather was great, racing was great and as always lots of fun close racing in all classes. We had another good turnout with 62 entries by the end of the evening with a handful of... Read more

Sunday July 19th club race results.

Lite turnout of 24 entries for this club race. But as always lots of fun was had by those that did make it out. Big thanks goes out to everyone that made it out to play toy cars with... Read more

RC Nights 2015 Round 4 points update and Novice awards update.

We had a few mistakes in our points calculations for round 4. They have been corrected and below is the updated file. This file will be added to the original round 4 points post as well. On another note,... Read more

RC Nights Round 4 results and points.

Another great night with 60 entries for round 4 of RC Nights 2015. Mother Nature has been nice to us all week with some low temperatures which rolled into this weekend as well. Congrats to all the winners for... Read more

RC Nights 2015 Points as of Round 3

Here they are, we know you have all been waiting for them patiently, so thank you for that. The reason it has taken so long to get these out besides everyday setbacks like work schedules and lack of time,... Read more

RC Nights Round 3 results

Another great turnout for round 3 of RC nights with 63 entries and some awesome racing in all classes as usual. The heat was up early in the evening, but around 6:30pm a large, dark cloud drifted over Modesto... Read more