2016 Big Events Schedule and Class Updates

Posted December 5th 2015 This post is intended to be a brief summary of all our 2016 big events and series races consolidated into one post. Each event will get its own post/page as time gets nearer to each... Read more

Friday Night Series Points as of R2

Here are the points standings as of round 2 of this years Friday Night series. To download them please click the attachment below.   Read more

RC Nights 2016 Points as of R2

Here are the points standings as of round 2 for this years RC Nights series. To download them click the attachment below.   Read more

Friday Night Series 2016 R2 results

Here are the results from round 2 of the Friday Night series. Lite turnout with 29 entries but tons of great fun with a great group of racers. Some good laughs all night long. Everyone did well with the... Read more

RC Nights Round 2 Videos

Here are the videos of the mains from round 2 of RC Nights 2016     Read more

RC Nights 2016 Round 2 Results

Great turnout for round 2 of RC Nights 2016 with 66 entries! Thanks goes out to everyone for trying to stay on pace and make the night go smoothly. Weather was great and tons of good racing. To download... Read more

Friday Night Series R1 Results.

For 2016 we are trying our first attempt at a Friday night series. June 10th was round one of our new Friday Night Series event. With 39 entries and a perfect evening for racing, we are putting this event... Read more

RC Nights 2016 Round 1 Videos

Here are the videos of the mains from round 1 of RC Nights 2016.   Read more

RC Nights Round 1 Results

Results from round 1 of RC Nights are in. Had a great turnout with 65 entries. It was a blistering hot night yes we know, so thanks to everyone that still made it out and endured the heat. Once... Read more

2016 Friday Night Series

The Friday Night Series will run on opposite weekends of the RC Nights series. 5 races with 1 throw out. Classes are limited to Novice 2wd, 4×4 SCT, Mod SCT, 2wd Mod Buggy, 4×4 Buggy. Awards will be given... Read more

Memorial Madness Videos

Here are the videos from the Memorial Madness club race. Sorry all, batteries died on camera and didn’t get the last race of the night, 4wd SCT.   Read more

Memorial Madness results

Wow what a great turnout for a race we put together on a whim! 49 entries and a ton of fun. Big shout outs to Tobias for helping with track maintenance and announcing. Gino for running the water truck... Read more

Motown Showdown 2016 Videos

Here are the AMains form this years Motown Showdown. I missed getting a few classes once again, sorry about that, but I think I have the problem figured out now. Read more

Motown Showdown 2016 results and podium pics

After having to reschedule this years Motown Showdown due to rain we still managed to have an excellent turnout with 78 entries and 12 races. A few new face and some returning ones came out to make this years... Read more

May 7th Club Race Videos

Here are the videos of the mains from May 7th, missed getting the Novice and eBuggy race, not sure what happened.   Read more

May 7th club race results (aka “Motown Slowdown”)

I would like to thank everyone that made this club race happen. This just goes to show you what a great group of racers we have and what they can do when they care enough to make it happen.... Read more

Motown Showdown 2016 rescheduled for May 14th due to rain.

Very sorry everyone for this, but mother nature has bitten us again this year. Due to the rain Friday we have chosen to reschedule the Motown Showdown to the following weekend. All day practice will be May 13th from... Read more