RC Nights 2014 Rnd. 7 Race Report

A huge thank you goes out to Eddie Alves for this wonderful race report.

Modesto, Calif. (August 17th)– Round seven of RC Nights 2014 was held Saturday Night at Modesto RC Raceway. 54 entries spread out over eight classes brought some very close racing in all divisions. The final round of RC Nights 2014 will take place next Saturday (August 23rd) which will be a double points night where division champions will be crowned.


The extremely competitive 2WD Stock Buggy division had 13 entries on the night. This division was split up into two heats per round. Round one heat wins went to Team Jones and Darren Stumpf. Round two heat wins also went to Jones and Stumpf as Stumpf earned TQ honors. In the six minute main Stumpf jumped out to a early race lead. Jones was able to get past Stumpf on lap five and lead until lap 11 when Charlie Cavalier took over the lead and would go on to lead the final five laps. It was not easy as second place finisher Codey Hughey crossed the line just 0.480 seconds behind. Finishing third was Matt Burdic, Bill Rainier fourth, with Stumpf rounding out the top five. B Main winner Doug Frig finished sixth, Ron Bickel seventh, Kirk Baker, Jason Smith, and Team Jones rounding out the top ten. Team Jones currently leads the point standings with a 3 point lead over Burdic, Bickel is third, with Rainier and Frid rounding out the top five.


There were 8 entries in the 2WD Mod Short Course Division. Team Jones took both heat race wins to take the TQ spot. Jones started the race from the pole but crashed out on lap two giving the lead to Udo Richter. Richter made his way around lap traffic and cruised to a 3.6 second victory over Eddie Alves. Finishing third was Stan Barrios, Kirk Baker fourth, and Justin Johnson fifth. Just missing the top five were Shane Piatt, Randy Syester, and Team Jones. With Richter earning his second win of the series he has a 11 point lead over second place Anthony Varner and Eddie Alves. Kirk Baker and Stan Barrios round out the top five in the point standings.


Casey Nydahl and Jason Smith won heat races in the 4WD Buggy division. Smith would take TQ to earn the number one starting position for the A Main. A rough start saw several lead changes early on. Number five qualifier Udo Richter was able to lead laps one and two before crashing and giving the lead to Nydahl who held onto the lead until lap eight when Jason Smith was able to take the lead back. Doug Frid moved into second place on the last lap and would finish in that position with Smith taking the win by 3.9 seconds. Nydahl finished third, Kirk Baker fourth, Ken Farmer fifth, and Udo Richter sixth after breaking a servo horn. Both Richter and Nydahl made their debut in this division and had impressive runs. Frid has a 7 point lead over Marcus Plumlee, Kirk Baker third, Ken Farmer fourth and Ray Gong fifth.


Team Jones returned to the Open Stadium Truck division this week and took both heat race wins. Jones started first and fell to third on the opening lap after getting stuck on the pipe. This gave the lead to Eddie Alves who held the lead until lap six when Casey Nydahl took the lead from Alves. Nydahl led the remaining laps to earn his second win of the series. Jones finished second, Alves third, Ry Smith fourth, Randy Syester fifth and Chad Peterson sixth. Marcus Plumlee remains the point leader, Jones is second, Nydahl third, Alves fourth, and Smith fifth.


Kirk Baker swept the 4WD Short Course Division. Baker won both of the heats and also took the A Main win. Casey Nydahl finished second, Shane Piatt third, Ry Smith fourth, and Saul Davis fifth. With Baker’s fourth win of the series he has a ten point lead over Nydahl heading into the final round. Nydahl has four second place finishes on the series. Saul Davis is third in the point standings, Shane Piatt fourth and Ry Smith fifth.


Tim Farmer took TQ honors for the fourth time this series in the 2WD Short Course Division. Casey Nydahl took the victory in heat one. Farmer’s lead did not last for long as he got stuck on the pipe on the opening lap which opened the door for Nydahl to take the lead. Farmer was able to get back by Nydahl to lead laps three to five before Nydahl took the lead again. Farmer was hot on his heels but could not get around Nydahl who took his first victory of the series in this division. Farmer finished second for the fifth time of the series, Eddie Alves finished third, Udo Richter fourth, Ry Smith fifth, and Ken Farmer sixth. Farmer has a two point advantage over Richter, Anthony Varner third, Casey Nydahl fourth, and Eddie Alves fifth.


Darren Wilson won both of the novice heat races to earn TQ honors. However, it was Andrew Beebe taking his fifth of the series. Wilson held onto second place with Chad Peterson third, Gary Holderbein fourth, Bryce Piatt fifth and Gavin Christopherson finishing sixth. Beebe has a four point lead over Wilson heading into the final round. Chad Peterson sits third, Christopherson fourth, and Piatt fifth.


Team Jones won both heats en route to his fifth win in the 2WD Modified Buggy division. Doug Frid passed Eddie Alves on the final lap to take second in the A main. Udo Richter would finish fourth. Jones has set TQ in all 7 races in this division and has a 16 point lead over Frid. Both Alves and Richter are tied for third, and Doyle Howell in the fifth position.


The final round of RC Nights 2014 will be held next Saturday, August 23rd which is double points night for all divisions. Plaques will be awarded to the top five finishers in each division.



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