Motown Showdown 2015

This is the Motown Showdown page. More info to come soon. This page will be edited often so keep an eye on it.


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Its that time of year again. Time to start getting ready for MRCR’s yearly big race. The Motown Showdown 2015!
This will be a one day event. Practice will be Friday May 8th from 11AM-11PM. Race Day will be May 9th Gates will open at 7AM racing will start at 10AM. 3 rounds of qualification followed by single A-mains with 2 bumps from any lower mains. Awards will be given to the top 3 in all A-main classes. Once again we are proud to have Ruben Benitez as our announcer/race director this year.

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  • Stock Buggy (NR)
  • Expert Stock Buggy (NR)
  • Mod Buggy
  • Stock SCT (NR)
  • Mod SCT
  • 4wd Buggy
  • 4wd SCT
  • Mod Truck (Stadium Truck)
  • 40+ Class (Stock Buggy NR)
  • Novice
  • NR = Non-Ramping a.k.a “Blinky”

Entry Fees

  • $30 – First Class
  • $20 – Second Class
  • $10 – Third Class


  • Novice: $25 per driver
  • **Novice drivers are not allowed to race in other classes**

Race Format

  • 3 Rounds of 6 minute qualifications
  • Single A-Mains with 2 bumps from lower mains
  • 8 minute A-mains and 7 minute lower mains

Event Sponsors List (More will be added as they come in)

Team Associated     Facebook

Airtronics       Facebook

Hobbico       Facebook

Hobbywing      Facebook

AKA Products         Facebook

Tenshock  motors       Facebook

CRPplus         Facebook

Boca Bearings      Facebook

JConcepts        Facebook

Tekin        Facebook

MRCR will be hosting a raffle on Saturday with products graciously provided by our sponsors. Each entry will get you one free raffle ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased for $1. Stay tuned for other great info.

Stock Classes

All stock classes will be required to pass a “tech” inspection this year. Motors must be ROAR approved 17.5 brushless motors. ESC’s must have blicky mode and be on the ROAR approved list. Vehicle weight will be checked as well.

Early Signups

Early signups before March 27th April 18th will get Racers one free event shirt. Signups can be done at the track or online via PayPal. If you would like to Pay with PayPal, please send us an email with the following information, then we will send you a PayPal invoice for your entry fees.

  1. Driver name
  2. ROAR number and expiration date
  3. Classes you would like to enter
  4. Shirt Size
  5. Your PayPal email address

We will have your shirt ready for you to pick up at the track the day of the event. MRCR will have a limited number of event T-shirts for purchase at the track during the event this year, so sign up now to make sure you get one!

Contact info

This is our current informal schedule, meaning things might change slightly but as of now this is what we have.

Friday May 8th

  • Open Practice from 11AM – 11PM – If drivers stand gets full and people are waiting we will switch to controlled practice.
  • Racers are allowed to setup their pits Friday and leave their tables and easy ups to reserve their spots Friday if they so choose. Nothing else should be left at the track other then tables and easy ups however. Pit spots are first come first serve.

Saturday May 9th

  • Race day, gates open at 7AM with controlled practice from 7AM until about 9:30AM.
  • Registration/Check in will also be from 7AM until about 9:30AM.
  • Drivers meeting and last minute track prep from 9:30AM-10AM
  • Group picture immediately following the drivers meeting
  • 3 rounds of 6 minute IFMAR qualification – best 2 out of 3
  • Single A mains, 8 minutes long with 2 bumps, lower mains are 7 minutes.
  • Sponsors raffle will happen before the mains begin, with photo ops.
  • Awards will be issued immediately following the last main event, and there will be a photo op for every A-main.



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  1. MRCR MRCR says:

    Today we are happy to add Team Associated, Airtronics and Hobbico to our list of sponsors. Please help us in supporting them by liking their Facebook pages.

  2. MRCR MRCR says:

    Just got some great news Hobbywing of North America​ is going to also be supporting us with this years Motown Showdown again this year! Please show them some appreciation by liking their Facebook page. Check out their amazing line of Xerun esc’s while you are out it.

  3. MRCR MRCR says:

    MRCR is proud to announce the addition of AKA Products as our latest addition to our sponsors list for this years Motown Showdown. Please help us by showing some appreciation by “liking” their page. While you are at it, pick up a set of City Block 3’s for your SCT, one of the hot tires for this event.

  4. MRCR MRCR says:

    For the second year in a row MRCR is proud to have Tenshock motors as sponsor for this years Motown Showdown! Please add Tenshock to your list!

  5. MRCR MRCR says:

    MRCR is very happy to announce CRPplus will once again be sponsoring the Motown Showdown! Please check out the amazing products CRPplus has to offer. ESC’s, Servos, Tools, Kits and much much more. While you are their please show some appreciation from us by “liking” their Facebook page.

  6. MRCR MRCR says:

    MRCR is proud to once again have the support of Boca Bearing Company​ for this years Motown Showdown. Boca has supported this event every year as well as other events MRCR has had in the past. A huge thank you goes out to Boca for all they do for the RC industry. Please have a look at their famous line of RC Racing bearings. While you are their please show some appreciation from us by “liking” their Facebook page.

  7. MRCR MRCR says:

    MRCR is once again very happy to have the support of JConcepts for this years Motown Showdown. JConcepts Inc has been a long time supporter of MRCR and our events. Please head on over to their website and check out all the great products from bodies, wheels, tires and much more! While you are there please show some appreciation from us by “liking” their Facebook page.

  8. MRCR MRCR says:

    MRCR is once again very proud to have Team Tekin Racing​ as an event sponsor for this years Motown Showdown. Tekin has been a supporter of this event since the beginning. Please show Tekin some appreciation from us by “liking” their Facebook page if you haven’t done so already.

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