Motown Enduro 2013 Results are in.


Results are in from our first ever enduro race. We ended up having five teams participate in this event. All five teams ran the 3 hour enduro with no major breaks/repairs suffered by any team. Team Too Phat made a pit stop to change tires which set them back and we heard they also chose the wrong tires as traction got worse. Traction was an issue for every team as the track was not watered at all for this event. Not even in the morning before the event started. This made for some very loose track conditions as we normally water in the morning as well as throughout the day for normal club races. But since this was a straight 3 hour long race, watering was not possible.

  • Team J³ (Chris Jones, Jason Smith, Jeff Amos) 398 laps in 180:12.80
  • Team IDGAF (John Smith, Roy Birchler, John Harrison) 387 laps in 180:16.24, 11 laps behind 1st
  • Team Mammoth (Nate H, Eddie A, Udo R) 379 laps in 180:17.11, 8 laps behind 2nd
  • Team Slow Poke (Casey N, Rob P, Trey J) 372 laps in 180:26.13, 7 laps behind 3rd
  • Team Too Phat (Randy S, Brian V, Sean S) 365 laps in 180:21.08, 7 laps behind 4th

It seamed like the small rule set that we came up with worked well and everyone had a great time. We heard most everyone asking when we can do it again and I can assure you all we will be doing it again. It was a real blast.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone that made it out to participate in this event.

Special thanks goes out to Roy B. for some early morning track prep, as well as everyone that lent a hand to try and sweep the track throughout the 3 hour race.

To download the results please click the attachment below.



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