Halloween Spooktacular Challenge 2015

The Halloween Spooktacular Challenge is a new event we are adding for 2015. Wear your costume to the race and your first entry is FREE! Since this is a Friday night race we are restricted on time and will be limiting the class list to only 5 classes.


  • Stock Buggy
  • Mod SCT
  • 4wd Buggy
  • 4wd SCT
  • Novice

In addition to a regular race program we will be doing a special Pumpkin Bash race which has a $5 buy in. The race will be a single main race with zero qualification runs. There will be zero turn marshals and the race will only be 4 minutes long. Winners will be determined by lap times and/or last man standing after the 4 minutes is up. There will be 3 Pumpkins placed on the track as obstacles. The top 3 winners will win these Pumpkins and take them home.

Gates open a 5PM, racing at 7PM. There will be two rounds of qualification and single mains. Funworks closes at 12AM on Friday nights so this gives us only 5 hours to do the program and the Pumpkin Bash, thus the reason for the class limit.

This should be a fun event and we hope you all help us make it a success on its 1st annual run.



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