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RC Nights 2017 Round 3 Podium Pics and Results

RC Nights Round 3 Podium Pics and Results Read more

RC Nights 2017

Modesto RC Raceway presents the 2017 RC Nights Series! For the 8th year MRCR will again be hosting its RC Nights Series. This will be a 6 race series with the best 4 out of 6 winning. This means... Read more

2017 Big Events Schedule and Class Updates

This post is intended to be a brief summary of all our 2017 big events and series races consolidated into one post. Each event will get its own post/page as time gets nearer to each events date with specific... Read more

Widowmaker 2016 Final round points, results and podium pics

What a great finish for the final round of Widowmaker, with another 73 entries you guys stayed on pace and made the evening go super smooth. First race of the night got started at 5:26PM and last main finished... Read more

Widowmaker round 3 results and points

You guys killed it for round 3 of Widowmaker with 74 entries! Lots of great racing on the new layout, everyone is getting used to it now. This has been a tough quick series, as we head into the... Read more

Hotdog Classic 2016

So you think you’re a HOTDOG RC racer? Come to Modesto RC Raceway October 15th for the Hotdog Classic and put your skills up against the rest of the competition and stake your claim as “TOP DOG”. For this... Read more

Widowmaker 2016 Round 2 Results and Points

Another great night of racing for round 2 of this years Widowmaker series with 69 entries. The new layout proved tricky for many and lap times dropped across the board for everyone, but slowly crept up by the end... Read more

Widowmaker Round 1 Results

Fantastic turnout for round one of Widowmaker 2016 with 68 entries. Lots of new faces and a few returning that we haven’t seen in awhile was nice. Racing got started at 5:27PM due to a drivers meeting and late... Read more

RC Nights 2016 Final round podium pics, results & points

It was a nice cool evening as we headed into the 7th and final round of RC Nights 2016 which was held Saturday night August 27th. The event saw yet another great turnout with 69 entries. As usual, points... Read more

RC Nights 2016 round 6 Results and Points

As we headed into round 6 of RC Nights 2016, held on Saturday Aug. 14th, tension was high and the racing fierce. Points battles in all classes remain tight and the racing even tighter. Pickle had a drivers meeting... Read more

Widowmaker 2016

Modesto RC Raceway presents the 2016 Widowmaker Series   Dates & Times September 10th, 17th, 24th October 1st Gates open 3PM Racing at 5PM Format A four week back to back series, Plaques though 3rd place. Double points for... Read more

Friday Night Series Final Rnd. Podium Pics, Results and Points

Congratulations to the winners of the Friday Night Series. MRCR would like to extend a giant thank you to everyone that made this series a huge success. This was the first time we tried a Friday night series and... Read more

RC Nights Round 5 Results and Points

What an awesome night of racing for round 5 of RC Nights 2016. With 73 entries there was 11 heat races and 3 classes with A and B mains! Due to the large turnout we ran a little past... Read more

Friday Night Series Round 4 Results and Points

Wow what a great turnout for round 4 of the Friday night Series, with 44 entries and perfect weather. Huge turnouts if 2wd Novice and 4wd SCT made for A and B mains for both classes which was great... Read more

RC Nights Round 4 Results and Points

Here are the results and points from round 4 of RC Nights 2016. We had a great turnout with 59 entries. Weather was great and not too hot. Track was dry in the beginning and not holding water well... Read more

Mod Buggy Dropped from RC Nights 2016 Series

This is a heads up to all. Due to the low turnout in Mod Buggy we will be dropping that class from the roster for the remainder of the series. We are sorry to the few this is effecting. Read more