2016 Big Events Schedule and Class Updates

Posted December 5th 2015

This post is intended to be a brief summary of all our 2016 big events and series races consolidated into one post. Each event will get its own post/page as time gets nearer to each events date with specific details for each event. We will also be covering some changes to the classes structure we offer for the 2016 race season.

Practice will continue to be on Friday nights. We will also be filling in the 2016 Calendar with club races very soon.

NOTICE: This post may be updated throughout the year so keep an eye on it.

UPDATE #1: January 2nd, 2016 – Added the Friday Night series to the roster.

UPDATE #2 June 7th, 2016 – Edited RC Nights 2016 to be a 7 race series instead of 8.

New Classes Structure For 2016


As many of you know, this year there has been a lot of talk about what we plan to do with our Novice class. MRCR since its inception has ran the Novice class as a “Run what you brung” class. However we have always recommended that Novice drivers run a 2wd chassis of some kind, be it buggy, SCT or stadium truck. We have this recommendation for many reasons that wont be covered here, but since this recommendation isn’t followed as much as we would like to see, about halfway through our 2015 race season we decided to create two Novice classes, 2wd Novice and 4wd Novice. We never intended the 4wd Novice class to be a permanent class and in fact we still don’t.

The intent when we created the two Novice classes was to make things more fair in our large novice class through the series races. After the series races came to an end our plan was to once again combine the classes as a “run what you brung” class which we did. However, after we did this, having the separated Novice classes made the run what you brung Novice class very apparent how lopsided the Novice class has become.

Our original plan to resolve this was to eliminate the run what you brung Novice class as well as the 4wd Novice class and only allow Novice drivers to run a 2wd chassis of some kind. Many people at the track including MRCR supported this idea, however we know this doesn’t fit with everyone.

So for the 2016 race season we intend to keep the Novice classes separated into 2wd Novice and 4wd Novice at all big events and club races. The difference however will be the implementation of a “bump out” rule. Starting January 1st, 2016 if a Novice driver wins first place 3 times (Consecutive and/or Non-consecutive) they will be bumped out of Novice and into their respective vehicle class. This rule is exempt from any series race however, but if a Novice driver wins a series race, that driver will automatically bump out of Novice.

Keep in mind however, MRCR still supports the 2wd only Novice class and may eventually adopt this format, but for the 2016 season we plan on the format outlined above.

Short Course Truck

As of January 1st 2016 MRCR will not be offering the stock 2wd SCT class. We have been phasing it out throughout the year in hopes that we can consolidate everyone into mod SCT and it seams we have practically reached this point already. This not only includes club races but big events as well as series races, with the exception of possibly at the Motown Showdown.

Big Event Schedule summary

As stated above in the opening paragraph, this is a brief summary of the up coming events. All events will get their own dedicated post/page as we get closer to these dates and more info is available. View the Events page to see their dedicated page listings. This list doesn’t represent our club race program. Those dates will be filled in on our Calendar Here.

  • 2016 Birthday race. April 16th, 2016 (Saturday) – Our 6th Birthday! $5 entries. Gates 9AM, racing 11AM
  • Motown Showdown. May 7th, 2016 (Saturday) – Our yearly big race! Gates open at 7AM racing at 10AM. Three rounds of quals and single A-mains with bumps from lower mains. Friday practice May 6th from 11AM to 11PM. Raffle prizes! Awards for 1st – 3rd in every class and TQ awards also!
  • RC Nights 2016 Points Series  – Saturday nights, gates open at 3PM, racing at 5PM. 7 rounds with 2 throwouts. +1 point for TQ. Double points final round. Awards for 1st – 5th place.
    • Round 1 – June 4th
    • Round 2 – June 18th
    • Round 3 – July 2nd
    • Round 4 – July 16th
    • Round 5 – July 30th
    • Round 6 – August 13th
    • Round 7 – August 27th – Double Points!
  • Friday Night SeriesWe are adding a 3rd series race starting this year. The Friday Night Series will run on opposite weekends of the RC Nights series. 5 races with 1 throw out. Classes are limited to Novice 2wd, 4×4 SCT, Mod SCT, 2wd Mod Buggy, 4×4 Buggy. Awards will be given to the top 3 in each class. Gates open at 5:30PM racing at 7PM. Dates are as follows…
    • Round 1 – June 10th
    • Round 2 – June 24th
    • Round 3 – July 8th
    • Round 4 – July 22nd
    • Round 5 – August 5th
  • Widowmaker 2016 Points Series – Saturday nights, gates open at 3PM, racing at 5PM. 4 rounds, one throw out, double points final round. +1 point for TQ. Awards for 1st – 3rd in all classes.
    • Round 1 – September 10th
    • Round 2 – September 17th
    • Round 3 – September 24th
    • Round 4 – October 1st – Double Points!
  • Hotdog Classic. October 15th, 2016 (Saturday) – Gates open at 9AM, racing at 11AM. Free hotdogs and soda. Awards for 1st – 3rd all classes. 3 rounds of quals, single A-mains with bumps from lower mains.
  • Halloween Spooktakular Challenge – October 30th (Sunday). Wear your costume and your first entry is free! Special Pumpkin bash race. Gates open at 10AM racing at 12PM
  • Cans for a Cause 2016 – November 5th gates open at 9AM, racing at 11AM. Our yearly benefit race to help feed the hungry locally. Bring in a can get $1 off your race entry. Bring in 5 cans get $5 off….. bring in enough race for free!




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